Francesca Grigore

Francesca is a seasoned realtor with over 14 years of experience representing both home buyers and sellers in the area. She is passionate about helping clients find properties where they can thrive and fully embrace their unique lifestyles. Whether purchasing a new home or selling a current one, Francesca's mission is to provide extraordinary quality of service each step of the process. Communication and trust are central to the way she operates. She skillfully navigates negotiations while keeping her clients' end goals in mind, obtaining the best possible outcome.

When not busy being a realtor, Francesca daydreams about escaping to the countryside. She longs for the day when she can trade in her power suits for overalls and galoshes. She dreams of roaming through open pastures and bonding with her favorite farm animals - goats, cows, and horses.

For now, Francesca gets her country fix by visiting local farmer's markets to gather ingredients for her amateur chef pursuits. She fancies herself a "Dora the Explorer" of the kitchen, whipping up new gourmet creations. Her family looks forward to these culinary experiments and appreciates her adventurous spirit in the kitchen. She also unwinds by watching 90's classics like Pretty Woman and Mrs. Doubtfire and baking protein-packed cookie variations that turn dessert into a guilt-free treat. Though passionate about real estate, Francesca values balance and the small pleasures in life, like a peaceful morning with a cup of coffee to start her day.

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